giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


About 2 years and a half ago, more or less, I gave up writing this blog in two languages 'cause I found it quite frustrating and time waisting, but then I was a fool.
I've thought about being back here in english for a while now and have decided to completely change the way I , wrongly, considered the chance of a bilingual blog. So I'm officially back, but with the difference that I won't translate all my posts in both languages but just have actually two blogs in one. Weird experiment indeed.
But I'm thrilled and sooner or later the reasons will be clear to all of you.

Good part of my readers , or silent readers, are comfortly opening this page from their offices, homes and starbucks around the world and a really vast majority among them are britons and americans. As I know the mess that can be translating a blog page with babelfish or similars ;), this is my decision. Now you can relax.

I have to thank you for all the loving support you are giving me , I receive so many emails and messages from many of you and this fills my heart with joy and love. Thanks also for believing in me , for those of you who have worked and are working with me for their weddings, I know it's hard to rely on someone you have never seen but a deep feeling is the foundation of every businesship I have with you. If you believe in destiny like I do, you'd believe that for every couple there is the perfect wp. And for every wp there is a great couple to wait for her. Thank you so much.

Thanks to whom waisted precious time in their lives to write references letters for my future collaborations and projects.
Thanks to whom had faith in me.
Thanks to whom gave me chances.
Thanks to you I have grown up.

I've decided few days ago to be back in english and I was waiting for the right moment to get back. I realised this morning I was trying to find a perfect moment that can never come if you are looking for it.
So then again I have been a fool.
Today I have switched on tv and the devastating news of SJ death hit me like a stone.
Since this morning I'm continuously watching again and again his famous speech at Stanford University and keep telling myself "This is it. This is what the real meaning of word Destiny is".
Having someone , never met in your entire life, a public person, who ,through less then 15 minutes of video , explains you directly (as if he was really talking to you), how miserable you can be in life if you don't really follow your heart, hurts.
Hurts a lot.

You were right Steve. Waiting for something to come won't change even a bit of your life.
You just have to stand up and go and looking for it.
Do I really want to live in the shadow? Do I really want to live a life which is not entirely mine?
No. I've understood this morning that I had been a fool years back to refuse and stay away from something I have in my blood just for the sake of trying to make everyone happy...except me. I was..I truely had been happy somehow all these last years, I swear. I'm proud of myself for had taken unpopoular decsions, but I've just realised that the final steps have to be taken now.

Life is too short to wait for happiness to come.
But I swear to God Steve that I would pay to have the inexistent second part of that video , to have you explaining me how not to be so afraid of my destiny which is waiting for a foolish me arond the corner.

Things happened in my past teached me so many things, but I needed that slam on my face. Thank you.

I'm hungry and I think I'm foolish enough.
Now it's about time to be happy.

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  1. Vola in alto e lontano... E sii felice...

  2. @Vale non esagerare :) la solita romanticona
    @Silvetta ti porterei con me lo sai

  3. più che romanticona direi ormoni ancora impazziti! ;-)

  4. : ) complimenti, silvia!!!!!! guarda, ho appena scritto un post sul mio blog - "doing it afraid".

    abbraccio da san francisco, silvia!!!

  5. Grazie Sandra finger crossed for our destiny ;)