sabato 29 ottobre 2011

Let's meet and chat!

ok let's admit it.. you have been asking me this thing for ages :P I know..blame on me, but I always have had great and honest excuses to avoid organizing any day with you. Swear!
Was I too busy?
Was I too far?
Was I too afraid?
probably a mix of them all.
Afraid seems a weird word doesn't it ? Obviously I'm not afraid of you personally but of what organizing these days can imply. A great change in my life and sooner or later , when I'll have most of the puzzle's pieces in my hands (when it will be even too late to look back and try to escape actually :D ) you'll understand.

I have always my skype contact open you know it (little secret , if you dont' see the busy sign in red it means that probably I'm online though I'm invisible and now that I've told you this I'm wondering why I should put an invisible sign anymore..bah)
Contact me for any doubt you may have on destination weddings, infos on my work ..just about everything you wish to ask for your wedding , believe me , without any commitment.

But..yes I'll be here soon

the biggest news is that finally I've organized the much requested days in London just for you :)!
Yes you got it right..I'll be in London at complete disposal of you lovely couples from 15th till 19th Decembre 2011.
I've already have a pretty busy day on the 16th which is Friday from what I remember with lots of you (thank you so much ) , but if it's your only day available just let me know we will find a way to meet.
Contact me for infos

Oh I know...only 4 days :P I know few days arghh...but I'll be back soon again ;)

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