venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

From Tuscany to the lake with love

Como lake view from Villa Cipressi

When a couple calls asking me to plan a wedding somewhere in Italy which is not my city or region, I always feel slightly excited.
Planning an event, small or huge , expencive or cheap , rustic or elegant (that doesn't make any difference to the organization itself) makes me feel alive ..I always feel it's time to show what I'm able to do.
I sharp my nails indeed.
As yes, it's not easy to plan a wedding when a couple lives somewhere in the world (probably even far away from me ;) ) , I live in Tuscany and the wedding is held in a completely different spot of Italy from where I live.
Ok let's face it , this situation can worry more than one couple and it's understandable.

I've been contacted more than one year ago from a lovely american lady named Meeta. She has indians origins but she is probably the most trendsetter newyorker I've ever known. Young ,vibrant, joyfull , very strong and sexy omg (and with the widest musical tastes I've ever heard! how do you know Ace of Base? lol you are too young..or I am too old ok).
I'd like to tell you about her (and her fiancè) story with me to show how satisfying the type of organization I've described you before , can be.

At first they wished to get married in Tuscany with a civil ceremony and we've worked for a brief period on that idea untill a happy day (can you hear the sarcasm?) she told me that things had changed and they were interested in a different venue. In a different region.
I discovered that , despite having been on Como Lake for several weddings before , the venue they suggested , that gem of a venue , was completely a surprise to me. Not only I didn't know it but I realised that it is probably the most famoust venue for weddings on that part of the lake. Where I had my head?

Since that happy day (now without any sarcasm swear) I had the most exceptional wedding planning experience on Como lake.

The venue Villa Cipressi is amazing and when I say amazing I really mean it. The staff helpfull.
Varenna ,the little village of this venue, is a gem embedded between mountains and lake
The weather has been lovely and warm (that's strange for real for being October)

And I worked with a sweet bride so organised and motivated. Thanks to her this wedding has been a lovely intimate event full of joy and full of little cute details we worked on together and some she worked out herself.

amazing colours for the wedding

How could we did all this? trusting each other basically and having high expectiations on this wedding , both me and the bride.
We worked really hard. She woke up several times at 6 am just to stay with me at the phone when for me was lunch time (thanks dear), she studied a lot the design with me and had faith in me. I asked to the most amazing suppliers to come with me, some from Florence some from the surroundings .
I followed everyone carefully (pedantic? boring?
asphyxiating? yes my suppliers I know I've been all these ok ..)

bride's mum fantastic you were!

Thanks also to Yamini the lovely bride's mum. We talked few times at the phone and helped us a lot . And omg you looked amazing! ;)

And this is the result.
A stunning result.
Ok just a little preview..I'll put the official photos on gallery soon

petals cones and wedding program
my model bride!
ok..she even more sexy from behind ;)

a little preview of the decorations...

I'm an happy really really really happy wp.

(at least untill my bride will come out with compromising photos of me and her dancing together..ohh )

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  1. Quel vestito da sposa............mi è caduta la mascella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADOOOOOOVVVVVOOOOO

  2. Ciao SIlvia! Sono Niki, presente quella che viveva in Nepal? Oggi vengo a fare un salto da te e cosa ci trovo????
    Indians! Quando si dice il karma!
    Complimenti, stai lavorando benissimo! Adesso mi faccio un giretto nel blog, è sempre belle vedere il lavoro di persone come te!
    Sto per trasferirmi in Colombia

  3. @costa ehhh lo so quando ho visto il dietro mi si è bloccata la salivazione ahah
    @Lisa grazie !! come sempre sei un tesoro
    @Nikiiiii bella mia! quanto tempo, ti avevo perso perdono. Come stai? sembra bene eh! accidenti in colombia? passi da un emisfero all'altro con molta facilità beata te :D. grazie di cuore !